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Walk in IT Services

We offer a full range of services on all types of computers. From Dell to HP, to Sony and Mac we provide a wide range of service to take care of your IT needs.

Why schedule a service call and pay a trip fee when you can bring your PC or laptop into our Walk-in Service Center? Our convenient location on Summerhill road offers clients to option of dropping off their pc, laptop or Mac to be serviced. Many times this is a more affordable solution with a shorter turn around time.

Personal Desktop and Laptop Repair

Complete Computing Solutions offers a host of professional services to get your device running again.

  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Virus and Malware removal
  • Software Installation
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • Power Supply Replacement
  • Operating System Installation / Repair
  • Data Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • Network setup and repair
  • Wifi Card Replacement
  • Hard Drive Replacement

Complete Computing Solutions also provides:

  • Mobile Device Forensic Data Recovery

Managed IT (Onsite) Services

Server and Client PC support

Complete Computing Solutions understands the importance of maintaining IT efficiency throughout your business. We can offer services to improve or establish a dependable IT infrastructure for new and existing businesses. Our solutions are reliable and will give your business the ability to avoid costly downtime. Whether it is an isolated hardware issue or a business wide software problem we isolate the issue and have it fixed quickly bringing productivity back online.


Local Area Network (LAN) Administration

Your Local Area Network (LAN) is your companies IT backbone. Complete Computing Solutions provides safe, secure network management, maintenance and upgrades as well as installation and support for all network components. Networks are becoming the target of hackers and malicious individuals trying to invade our privacy. We provide solutions and devices to eliminate any vulnerability in your network that might leave you at the mercy of hackers or data thieves.

Antivirus/Malware and Spam Solutions

Viruses and Malware are the leading threat to companies today. Companies that don’t control and manage their employees’ online activity are at high risk of being infected by malware propagated via social networks. Thus leading to downtime and reduced productivity. Complete Computing Solutions has many product and solutions to minimize downtime and increase productivity. We are also partners with Barracuda Networks and Sonicwall who provide industry leading protection through their wide range of products.

Remote Access Solutions

Remote access is fast being a necessity for many businesses and organizations both large and small. With the ever increasing availability of high-speed Internet access you can have your software applications hosted remotely, which allows staff and global offices access to shared applications with simplicity and without the need for IT technicians or support and specific computer knowledge. Complete Computing Solutions can consult with you and help decide what solutions will best serve your business.

Backup Solutions

Does your company have data that is critical to the daily operation of your businesses?? Data backup involves the storing of files from your computer in another location. In this way, if there is ever any loss of data on your primary machine, you still have your data in backup in order to restore those files. In the world of computers loss of data can be devastating, and costly. Complete Computing Solutions has many products to prevent data loss and we can implement them into your workplace environment to save you from a data disaster.

Relocation Services

Moving is never pleasant, but we will make sure your IT gets moved safely and is installed and working properly at its destination. We will make your move easy and painless and eliminate unnecessary downtime.

Wireless and Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi in the workplace and on college campuses is all the rage, having moved from nice-to-have five years ago to essential technology today. Complete Computing Solutions has partnered with companies like Sonicwall to handle WiFi jobs from small offices all the way to shopping centers and malls. No matter the size of your WiFi needs, we have a solution.

Disaster (Data) Recovery
Sometimes in the world of computers, things aren’t perfect. Hard drives can and do crash unfortunately. However, there may be a way to recover your data even in the event of a hard drive failure. Complete Computing Solutions partners with Data Recovery Services to provide you the best option to recover your data. For 25 years Data Recovery Services has lead their industry. When data appears to be lost or inaccessible you need fast, reliable service. They are experts in providing advanced data recovery services. We can recover data no matter how loss occurs — accidental deletion, hardware crash, corrupted data, fire and water damage.

Remote Support

Sometimes computer issues can be fixed quickly and easily without a visit from an onsite tech. Have one of our service technicians connect to your computer or environment to solve your local IT problem. We support operating systems, applications, networks, and configuration issues – Complete Computing Solutions can help solve your problem remotely.


Dell Premier Partner

Since the first Dell PC was introduced in 1986, Dell has continued to shape the industry by breaking new ground and pioneering critical developments in home, small business and enterprise computing. Dell’s research and development (R&D) efforts now span the globe, driven by some of the industry’s foremost product designers and engineers. At the core of Dell’s innovation approach, however, remains an unwavering commitment to deliver new and better solutions that directly address customer needs.

We gather requirements directly through tens of thousands of customer interactions daily, organized events, social media venues and customer panels. Partnerships with a wide variety of key industry software, hardware and component suppliers give us a uniquely broad perspective on the computing landscape.

Many innovations begin in-house, led by a global team of top engineers, product designers and technical experts. Others begin as a team effort with Dell’s strategic partners. The mission is to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet today’s real-life customer challenges and work seamlessly in existing environments and with other products.

Dell is uniquely positioned to impact industry trends. We maintain strong internal development capabilities. We partner, rather than compete, with top industry technology suppliers and original development manufacturers. We steer enabling industry standards and technologies through industry groups and strategic partners.  In this way, Dell spurs innovation and delivers value to customers.


Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Networks Inc. combines premises-based gateways and software, virtual appliances, cloud services, and sophisticated remote support to deliver comprehensive content security, data protection and application delivery solutions. The company’s expansive product portfolio includes offerings for protection against email, Web and IM threats as well as products that improve application delivery and network access, message archiving, backup and data protection.

Coca-Cola, FedEx, Harvard University, IBM, L’Oreal, and Europcar are among the more than 100,000 organizations protecting their IT infrastructures with Barracuda Networks’ range of affordable, easy-to-deploy and manage solutions. Barracuda Networks is privately held with its International Headquarters in Campbell, Calif.


Dell® SonicWALL® provides intelligent network security and data protection solutions that enable customers and partners to dynamically secure, control, and scale their global networks. Using input from millions of shared touch points in the SonicWALL Global Response Intelligent Defense (GRID) Network, the SonicWALL Threat Center provides continuous communication, feedback, and analysis on the nature and changing behavior of threats. SonicWALL Research Labs continuously processes this information, proactively delivering countermeasures and dynamic updates that defeat the latest threats. Patented1 Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection® technology, combined with multi-core parallel architecture, enables simultaneous multi-threat scanning and analysis at wire speed and provides the technical framework that allows the entire solution to scale for deployment in high bandwidth networks. Dell SonicWALL network security and data protection solutions, available for the SMB through the Enterprise, are deployed in large campus environments, distributed enterprise settings, government, retail point-of-sale and healthcare segments, as well as through service providers.

Dell SonicWALL has been hailed by industry publications such as Network World, InfoWorld, PC Magazine, and SC Magazine for easy to use, high quality, and high performance appliances and services. Gartner named SonicWALL in the Visionaries Quadrant in the SSL VPN Magic Quadrant 2011, and most recently named SonicWALL in the Leaders Quadrant in their 2012 Unified Threat Management Magic Quadrant.  In the NSS Labs 2012 Next-Generation Firewall Security Value Map™, the Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive E10800 running SonicOS earned recognition as the Highest Overall Protection Next-Generation Firewall Recommended by NSS Labs. This proven SonicOS architecture is at the core of every Dell SonicWALL firewall.

Dell SonicWALL offers a comprehensive lineup of industry-leading network security and data protection solutions, including firewall, secure remote access/ SSL VPN, anti-spam/email security, and continuous backup and recovery, plus centralized management and reporting, and 24×7 technical support.

  • CDW
  • Watchguard
  • ACE Data Group

ACE Data Group headquartered in Dallas, Texas, provides best in class, single-source data processing, consulting and forensic services for enterprise clients and consumers. Data Recovery Services presenting state-of-the-art technology, proprietary systems and data resources. The Data Recovery Services division specializes in recovering data from corrupted media like: hard drives, RAID/SAN/NAS systems, flash drives, CD/DVD, solid state drives, tapes and proprietary devices. Logical recovery expertise is in SQL and Exchange databases, whole spectrum of file systems and reverse engineering. Clients include most of the largest Fortune 100 companies, government entities, non-profit corporations and individuals.